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Annual Yield: 14%

Annual Yield: 14%

You can stake by adding the following validators by name or address:





You can stake by adding the following validators by name or address:



Annual Yield: 8%

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You can stake by adding the following validators by name or address:



We believe the world is changing and that blockchain is the technology that will revolutionize the way we live and interact with each other in the digital world.


The decentralization of digital services and assets is the next technological step and the blockchain will be used as the foundation of the digital world. The technological barriers are disappearing and more industries like banking and finance are accepting the blockchain technology.

Staked Tech provides secure Non-Custodial Staking service for blockchain investors to compound their cryptocurrency staking investments. 

Why choose Staked Tech

Staked Tech provides secure staking services across leading blockchain projects. Stake your tokens to receive passive interest while we guarantee security and uptime.


We're actively involved in the blockchain networks. Our participation in the crypto governance is an integral aspect of our operation. By growing the network, we can grow our team and increase value of token stakeholders. 

Skin in the Game

Our long term commitment is backed by our investment where we stake our tokens just like you. Staking the assets together ensures we all have aligned interests and skin in the game.

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